Many events like black-tie weddings, high-stress movie shoots and outdoor music concerts call for bathroom trailers. These units are much more comfortable and upscale than standard porta potties.

They offer individual stalls, climate controls and flush toilets with luxury amenities. Some are also ADA compliant to meet the needs of disabled guests. Contact Portable Restroom Trailer Rental now!

The Comfort Elite Series restroom trailer rental provides an upscale solution where standard porta-potties fail to deliver. These luxury bathrooms offer a beautiful design, porcelain fresh-flush toilets and more. These facilities are the perfect choice for any event, wedding or work site.

This 3 stall luxury restroom trailer features a Homestead design with white shiplap above the vanities, custom crown molding and trim, wood grain linoleum floors and six panel interior doors. Each stall includes a toilet and urinal. This trailer has plenty of privacy for guests and has a large capacity to handle crowds.

We also provide ADA Compliant Portable Restroom Trailers to ensure that your guests who are in wheelchairs can enjoy the same level of comfort as others at your event. This is one of our most popular rental options and comes fully equipped with a single ADA stall featuring aluminum ramp access, hydraulic lowering system and grab rails for added safety and security. The rest of the suite follows our Homestead design with LED decorative lighting, HVAC climate control, stereo and rich wood look flooring for the most luxurious portable restroom experience available.

Our ADA Compliant Luxury Restroom Trailer can accommodate up to 500 people over the course of a 6 hour event. This is a great option for weddings, fairs and other special events where there are many people with disabilities. The Men’s side has two private stalls with toilet and urinals while the Women’s side has four. Both sides have twin basin vanities and are easily wheelchair accessible.

ADA Portable Restrooms for Rent

This ADA restroom trailer is the perfect solution to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations. This is a 2-stall unit that includes a separate Men’s and Women’s room with two toilets and urinals in each. Both rooms are equipped with a single sink vanity, recessed lighting and climate control. The Men’s stall is ADA Compliant with a wide entry door, ADA door latches and grab bars. The ADA toilet is a rear facing seat with a mounted push button control. The exterior of the suite is finished with a mar-resistant fiberglass surface and is insulated to help keep the cold out in the winter and the hot out in the summer.

ADA Compliant

ADA compliant portable restroom trailers feature state-of-the-art accessibility fixtures designed to help individuals with disabilities experience a dignified bathroom experience. They offer spacious interior stalls with wide entryways to accommodate mobility devices, accessible sinks with proper clearance, and grab bars to assist users. In addition, ADA restrooms meet height and clearance requirements to ensure wheelchair access. These amenities make ADA restroom trailer rentals an excellent choice for events that attract a diverse crowd, such as outdoor festivals and concerts, construction sites, and short-term work locations.

Whether you’re hosting an event that’s ADA compliant or not, it’s important to include handicap-accessible bathrooms on your site map to ensure that guests can find them easily. It’s also a good idea to include more than one ADA bathroom rental to accommodate guests who need them. In general, the ADA recommends that at least 5 percent of all porta potty rentals be ADA compliant to provide convenience for disabled guests.

In addition to meeting ADA requirements, ADA toilet rental trailers are also larger and more comfortable than standard porta potties. The extra space and features like a privacy stall with thermostat heat and air conditioning deliver homelike comfort that’s sure to please guests. And ADA restrooms aren’t just for disabled guests; they’re also convenient for families with young children or strollers, as well as anyone who requires the assistance of a caregiver.

The ADA guidelines require that all porta potties have at least one ADA bathroom stall, so that disabled guests don’t have to travel long distances from their accommodations to use the restroom. For larger events that draw a more diverse audience, including disabled guests is crucial to a successful event. ADA portable restrooms are an easy way to add a sense of inclusion to your event without breaking the bank.

Whether you need a single ADA restroom for an upcoming event or multiple units for your construction site, VIP To Go has the right solution to meet your needs. Our portable ADA restrooms are made from high-quality materials, which means they’re durable and can withstand heavy usage. They’re also fast and easy to set up, reducing downtime and ensuring that your event runs smoothly.

Additional Amenities

If you have ever attended a large event that did not offer sufficient restroom facilities, you know how frustrating it can be to have to wait in line for the only functional toilets available. Fortunately, with portable bathroom trailers, you can avoid these frustrations. These toilets are much more comfortable than the traditional porta potties, offering a variety of amenities that make them ideal for all sorts of events.

The main difference between these portable restrooms and a regular porta potty is the inclusion of stalls. These stalls allow for privacy and a more luxurious experience than the plastic urinals found in a porta potty. Additionally, many portable restroom trailers feature a sink that can be used for handwashing, reducing the spread of germs and bacteria. Other amenities include toilet paper, a trash receptacle, and a mirror. Some trailers also feature a climate control system for added comfort.

These units can be rented for a day, a weekend, a week or longer periods, depending on your needs. They are typically located close to where the event is taking place, and on-site maintenance is provided as needed. They are also stocked with supplies like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and soap.

Many people choose to rent portable restrooms for a wide range of events, including weddings, corporate events, and construction sites. In addition, renting these units can be useful for disaster relief crews, providing them with easy access to clean facilities when they are working in remote areas. These units are also ideal for schools, ensuring students and their families have adequate restroom facilities during special events.

The Luxury Restroom Trailer is a great choice for weddings, corporate events, and other high-end events. It offers a number of extra amenities that can enhance the experience of guests, including a surround sound stereo system to play your favorite tunes, a vanity with corian counter tops, and real china toilets. It is also ADA compliant, and the restroom attendant will keep it fully stocked with toilet paper and other supplies throughout your rental period.


The cost of renting a restroom trailer can vary significantly depending on the type of rental that you choose, how many units you require, and whether or not you opt for additional services. The more upscale units, such as the Comfort Elite Series, are typically the most expensive but offer premium amenities such as flushable toilets and tile floors. They also feature a number of options to make them compliant with ADA regulations and more appealing to guests.

The number of people that will attend your event will play a major role in determining how many restroom trailers you need and will help determine the overall price. A standard porta potty can hold about 50 people for three hours, so it’s important to have an accurate number of attendees in mind when choosing how many units to rent. Often, vendors will offer volume discounts on large events, so it’s worth checking with several companies to find the best deal.

Another factor that will impact the price is the location of the toilets. Companies may charge extra to deliver and remove portable toilets that are outside of their normal service area. Additionally, units must be located on a solid, level surface and within a distance that a truck can easily access them for servicing (typically 25 to 40 feet).

Finally, the amount of time you need the toilets will affect the price. You’ll generally pay more for a longer rental than for a shorter one. However, some companies offer a discount for customers that need portable toilets for multiple days or weeks.

While the costs of renting a bathroom trailer can be high, it is well worth the investment to provide your guests with proper sanitation and comfort. This is especially true during a disaster, when the recovery process can be incredibly challenging and people are already without adequate shelter or water supply.

Portable toilets are an affordable, convenient option for many outdoor events, and they’re ideal for construction sites, public parks, and other locations that don’t have access to traditional plumbing and electrical systems. The basic porta potty features a toilet seat, waste tank, and a small tank that holds chemicals to control odors, reduce bacteria growth, and break down waste.